Peace is a skill learn it to live it

Multicultural Village

Welcome to Multicultural Village Inc.

We design, produce, and deliver experiential learning programs for children, youth and adults. We work with small groups, schools, school districts, government organizations, universities and other charities nationally and internationally to help them create profoundly memorable learning experiences through experiential workshops, service learning and guided dialogues.

We design and deliver the following products for varying audiences:

  • Conflict Analysis and Resolution/Intervention
  • Teambuilding and Relationship Skill building
  • Classroom Conflict Handling
  • Professional Development
  • College and University student and staff retreats
  • Community Collaboration and Compassionate Skill-building
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    Our Solution

    Educating children, youth and adults to handle conflict creatively, compassionately and constructively through experiential workshops, service learning and guided dialogues. This brings about sustainable changes in the homes, schools, workplace and wider community.


    Our Experience

    Conflict is a natural part of our everyday lives. When children and adults are taught to deal with conflict constructively they aquire a toolkit of skills that helps them see positive changes in their family, school, work and personal interactions.

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